Thursday, October 20, 2011



SKIN&SHAPE: Eldora is the new beauty by MYDEAR SKIN, each skin is 600L, the packs are 1200L and the shape of eldora is 600L

HAIR: New group gift by D!VA

 OUTFIT: This amazing, sexy dress is part of an outfit called Anushka. It also includes shalwar pants  which means you pay for one outfit you get two.. If you wear it with shalwar it becomes something ethnic and if you wear it alone it becomes something sexy. Yaay! A big thanks to Aradhana Voight for the new Mesh collection. Anushka in tazziberry is 585L

JEWELERY SET:  The earrings and the bracelet are pieces of a gorgeous accessory set called Sweet by CRYSTAL LINE with color change textures for 800L

SHOES: Grossetto Shoes which are fantastic and so Unique is a must have by SIMILAR ITALIAN FOOTWEAR for 795L

POSES: Another fantastic modelling pack by PURPLE POSES called Isabella, the pack is 90L and the single poses are only 10L

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