Friday, February 11, 2011


 Hello All,
My adventure with Queen Larissa is going on... This time we are after the Keys...
She came with this new, Ricielli's 2nd Deluxe Hunt. And that was exactly for a queen...  We teleported to Ricielli's mainstore, so the adventure began..
We searched everywhere at the store to find the keys that open the doors of Deluxe... And we found them :))

  Everything you see on me, including some poses are the prizes of Ricielli's 2nd Deluxe Hunt.. Don't miss this chance, coz you can't have these outfits for 10ls. Unbelievable but true... Only 10l for each keys ladies, so please get your beautiful butts out of comfortable couches and join this Deluxe Experience, coz it knocks your door only once..

 My beautiful Queen, Larissa will remain as one of my favourite Lara Skins&Lara Shapes product.. But Lara is coming back with surprises. And she is really assertive..I am so excited and I am sure so are you.. but enjoy her generousity while you can coz previous skin packs are being sold for 1l at Popubase Underwater Store... Wait for more, Coming Soon..

 Hair is Calico Ingmann Designs product, was once a hunt prize.. Not anymore. but if you still insist here is the lm;

LipGloss: By Glamorize.. The store has changed recently, you can find all your cosmetic stuff here at Glamorize from nails to lipsticks for reasonable prices

 Heels: from my newest discovery..R2 fashion Store, where you will find amazing stilettos, flats, boots... Amazing. You should go and experience yourself.. Here is a chance for you Ladies. By the way, As I told you, I bought the pack of  Hoku Stilettos I am wearing now.. Giggless.. I couldnt help it and now I am a penniless Queen... 
Poor little me :))

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