Sunday, April 8, 2012


SKIN: A breathtaking beauty , brand NEW by [dekade] called ADORA in pale is 990L as a pack and I am wearing the matt lipstick number 3 for 400L. For Adora and more here is your tp link to  [dekade] 

HAIR:  She sends Kisses in wildfire is 250L as a pack by SHAG HAIR

EARRINGS&RING: FFL exclusive  items by KUNGLERS

DRESS: Akiko Dress in black&white is NEW by KUNGLERS for 299L

NAILS: Metallic Nails pack with trendy colours is 199L by IZZIE'S

SHOES: Phyton 130 Charcoal is EUPHORIA PRE SPRING sale by LEVEROCCI, 50L

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