Friday, May 20, 2011


  well I tried many ways to overcome the pain of my ex boyfirend. I ate a lot, I tried to have fun I cried all the things. Once a friend told me that the best way to forget your ex is to take a vacation. And I took her advice and bought my plane ticket to Saint Tropez..
   aww you should be here, The sun is burning my skin, the warm summer breeze makes me feel that I am alive. And I keep eating, tasting the french vine, letting the French Gentleman complement me and enjoying the view of St. Tropez. Who knows maybe I can find a summer love here..

   SKIN&SHAPE: Summer is almost here, who wouldnt want to have a tan skin with a beautiful face! Well I ay have put on some weight recently, but isn't it just exactly what happened to Liz in Eat, Pray, Love ? If you are suffering from love pain, putting on weights is an inevitable thing. But you you what? I love this shape. Its looking hot and I have a lot of admirers. Elena skin&shape is the Latest release by Al Vulo. Gorgeous. Grab your Elena today and take her to a vacation, maybe to St. Tropez :)

   OUTFIT: a flowing skirt as the warm  St. Tropez wind blows with a cute top. Great combination for a St. Tropez afternoon. Well, this is actually the name of the outfit which is given free to celebrate the 5000 Bosl Members of Paris Fashion. Rfb Morpork is such a generous person that she is giving this wonderful outfit for free for her exclusive customers. Thank you for St. Tropez plane tickets RFB MORPORK (smiles)
  P.s. Bracelet is included 

   HAIR: by 69, past sale item, was 50l , now the normal price is 300l

    EYES: by IBANEZ , eyes in quartz is 99l at Ibanez mainstore

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