Saturday, May 28, 2011


      Taking a vacation was the greatest idea that I ever thought of to mend my broken heart. And I feel absolutely better now, except for the fact that I have put on weight recently. I dont know how that happened but eating has become an addiction for me. I just cant helping eating!
     But the local people in St. Tropez, especially men, keep tellling me that I am looking gorgeous. I love my weight!

I love ice pops!mmmmm Yummmyyy


What, chocolate on my lips? 

Dont Blame me! I cant resist
a yummmy chocolate
do you have some?

    SKIN: Emy is a gorgeous beauty by Al Vulo which is the Skin Paradise of Hlin Bluebird. Each time I go to Al Vulo, I am captured by the beauty of the fabulous skins of Al Vulo and I want to have them all, coz they all have different beauty. Emy in pink Fresh is 800l, fat pack is 2800l. And there is gorgeous group gift, freshly released for Al Vulo Group Members. Dont miss it

  DRESS:  by one of the stores that really has a style; Acid&Mala. The store is full of fantastic stuff and this cutie dress called Smocked has also shirt version and it  is Acid&Mala's Super Bargain Saturday item. If you dont know what SBS is let me tell you. Every Saturday a group of designers in sl put a special item marked down to 60l, Which means this lovely outfit you see on me is available for 60l. Yayyyyyy

   HAIR: Lovely isnt it? Yes I know.Mood Essential is one of the most fantastic releases of Elikatira. I wish I had them all... Mood Essential Collection is 250l, if you want a regular pack it is 220l. Here is your taxi to Elikatira's Hair paradise

  JEWELERY:  I have been waiting for it. Kunglers is offering its customers the latest fashion jewelery sets with realistic look as well as the wide range of  fantasic clothing collection from formals to casuals.Perola set is the newest jewelery set by Kunglers available for 400l

  SANDALETS: By Chuculet , Pila sandalets in brown color is only 1l, unbelievable but true, here

  CHOCOLATE tatoo: is by Miss Murder, I found this cue tatoo on marketplace for a very reasonable price, 5l

   BAG: The most realistic bag I have ever seen sl and it is really stylish that it has already become my favourite bag by HOUSE OF FOX, the bag has arm, forearm and hand options each having its own animations. Awesome,you should get it. It is 230l

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