Friday, May 20, 2011


   I was beautiful and carefree. The most charing girl of the village. The young gentlemen would give their lives for me just for one look. And then this witch coming from nowhere cursed me and my beauty. Now it s been years and every men who tried to break the spell lost their youth and charm. Now I am all alone but still waiting for the one who could break the spell. Are you brave enough to break the spell on me??


   SKIN: India II in peach tone is latest group gift of essences. Inka must have gone crazy, coz she is giving this beautiful skin pack, including all the tones and makeup options for free. Thank you Inka, we love you so much and a big thank you

  SHAPE: Cupid shape, this cutie shape is by Mahli Shapes&More 50l on marketplace. mahli please make more shapes, coz they are great

  HAIR: by the Number One Hair designer Callico Inngman; Tracy hair is 200l at the store, step into Calico's Hair Paradise.

  GOWN: This fantastic masterpiece called Petrova is designed for the ones who really knows what Vougue means, if you are reading these lines and you are already captured by the charm of this gown, then you are the chose one and the first thing you should do is to get this gown for 990l and it is worth paying this price, you are not everybody, you know what *VOGUE* means

  HEELS: And if you are a diva, you cant wear ordinary heels, the ones you are wearing should be unique, seductive, elegant. Mana Edith heels are exactly what we need ladies, these are designed for the exclusive members of NX-NARDCOTIXS and 950l. Fantastic! Thank you for the high quality styles you offer us Nardya

 If you are a classic styled person who enjoys antique and vintage style then Noctis is the best furniture store for you and your home. 

   CHAIR: Inspired by the Japanese 'Black Butler' series, this dark Victorian wingback chair is    upholstered in lush purple tufted silk. 155l
    SCREEN: This fantastic antique secreen is 1prim and 135l
    RUG: 40l, there are a lot of alternatives at the store so you can pick the one for your own taste
    PEDASTOOL: with purple damask cloth is 60l
    and if you want the decorative bell jar on it, it is 145l 
 Yelena Istmal has a briliant mind that she has the ability to make our fantasies come true in sl. Thank you Yelena, for your work 

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