Thursday, May 26, 2011


     You all know about the dream I had last day or should I say Nightmare??? Remember the Sultan Shryar and when I opened my eyes he just pooffeed..
   And Here I am facing the reality that I am on holiday with a broken heart and I am all alone...
 You know what women do, when they have a broken heart? They eat!!
   And I found this local fast food restaurant and I oredered a big menu..
I kno I have put on weight

give me the biggest menu please
I can eat the world

I think, I am full

I think I am going to throw up!

   SKIN: This gorgeous beauty with red lipstick is one of Al Vulo's fairies called Emy. You all know that Al Vulo makes the most fantastic skins in sl and there are always great gifts for the group members. Emy Devotion red lips is 800l. Welcome to Al Vulo's Skin&shape Paradise!

  SHAPE: Mahli Shapes are new to sl but it guarentes to offer you the best shapes with the most reasonable prices in sl. It is such a good begining and I cant wait to see their new shape releases.Harlow shape with copy7mod options is 50l on marketplace

   HAIR:  Cyn is the freshest hair style by calico Inngman where you will find the style you are looking for. And this fantastic hair is only 200l at the store waiting for you

   DRESS:  You want belive but it s true. Cupckae has made a discount for this lovely dress for a very limited time. You can have this cutie dress by paying 25l. yes you have heard it right, only 25l with the quality of Cupcakes. Yayyyyy Ladies, run to Cupcakes, before the sale ends

  HEELS:  You love my shoes I know, and you are jealous of me becuase I am wearing them. Soleil fantastic texture is the newest release by Second life's most talented shoe designer Nuria Augapfel, N-CORE. The shoe has a lot of color options and it s so realistic that if you ask my opinion, it is a must have in your closet. It is 795l, here in Nurai's Shoe Paradise

   ACCESSORY: by Kunglers, My favourite clothing store in sl. They not only make amazing clothing  but also do they make accessories to complete our perfect look. Bamboo set is one of my favourites at the store but you should see the rest, they are all fantastic. The set is 400l, and a should have in your jewelery chest. Thank you Kunglers for everything you offer us

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