Friday, May 20, 2011

GO DISCO DIVA GO! (part 5)

 My pain is fading and I am almost over this relationship. I am happy that I listened to my friends advise , the vacation was a great idea.
  Tonight I am on my way to the most popular local club in town. Disco diva will dance all night long and drink as much as she can, to leave everyhing behind


bartender! give me something to drink!

drinking and dancing all night! well the place is empty,
everybody is gone and I am too
drunk to go home.I h.....

  SKIN&SHAPE:  Elena sunkissed with red lips is from the new skin line of Al Vulo. Elena is a gorgeous, a should have. And it is 800l for single pack, Shape is 350l and fat pack is 2800l. Get this fantastic tan skin  with a curvy shapewhich will make you a real Diva

   DRESS: Renata in white color is exactly what you need Disco Divas. This stylish mini dress with fantastic fluffy attachments is by Kungler's, the adress for the stylish clothing, and it is 399l. You are going out tonigh and dont know what to wear? Well Renata is waiting for you

  HAIR:  by 69, Keri hair in sandy blonde color is 300l

  HEELS: Mahealani is one of the best  heels that have a style recently, not only the color harmony but also the realistic look it has, makes me one of my favourites. It seems I wont take them off for a long time. I can even go to bed with them :) Mahealani in Black&Red is 249l by R2 Fashion, very reasonable, grab your pair

 HANDBAG: I have this stylish handbag in my closet waiting to be used one day and today is the day! Well, this stylish handbag was another fabulously designed items of Mentine, not available at th store now, but there are fantastic handbags at Mentine which are 125l with color change options. The store is full of stylish accessories from belts to bags anything you can imagine, a paradise. Visit Mentine today 

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