Friday, May 20, 2011


  You all know how depressed I was feeling yesterday. I cried, cried and cried all day and night. And then, suddenly,, I realised that nothing would make him come back to me and it was over. In a moment I was light as a feather. Sometimes accepting the reality may work as well.
   Today I woke up to a beautiful morning and I spent some time alone with nature to find some peace and it seems I did find it :)

  SKIN&SHAPE: Such a fabuluos beauty with a natural look. She is a pure beauty and She is  thanks skin which İS Free by Snow Rabbit at Skin&shape expo. And I think we should thank Snow Rabbit for giving this fabulous beauty for free. :) Thank you a millon  times for this gorgeous Beauty Usagi :)) And the shape W005 is 400l at Snow Rabbit main store where other beauties are waiting for you to grab them. Eyes with sparkling look(which are the best I have ever seen in sl) is 300l, you should try them with a menu you can change the eye color, or adjust it as you wish

   TOP: Recent Group gift By C'est la vie, C'est la vie is my favourite store in sl full of amazing casul style clothing around you. Dont miss this chance to have this lovely top for free by c'est la vie.

   JEANS: Hurry up, for this gorgeous jeans is totally awesome and  normally it is 310l but till the end of today you can have it for 50l on marketplace or inworld store. It doesnt matter how you have it, what matters is that time is running! dont waste another minute! here is your taxi to Fab.Pony and link to marketplace

  HEELS:  Fantastic heels specially designed for 2011 Shoe Fair's the exclusive customers of Purrfect 10. If you still havent seen this gorgeous heels named Florence in Silver SalmonRose color, take this taxi to Shoe Fair 2011 and for more gorgeous styles and exclusive group gifts, visit Purffect 10 main store

  HEADBAND:  free here with other cute styled headbands by Silvery K. a big thanks for these gorgeous hair accessories

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Thanks for wearing ::C’est la vie!::’s clothes❤

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