Monday, November 15, 2010


   Falling leaves, rain drops... we have almost come to the end of Autumn... and I am enjoying the last days of it... and when the issue is Autumn, there is only one colour that comes to my mind; that is Brown... just like the colour of the leaves falling from trees...

  Pure and Innocent skin called Saskia, and delicate shape Zoe are by the most talented skin designer in sl, Lara LEFKO, Lara Skin&Lara Shapes... Lara Lefko is giving some of her unique skins as dollarbies at her underwater store in Popubase... you can have this amazing skin and more from vendors by only paying 1l... you wont believe your eyes... Thank you Lara over and over...

   you like my hair just like my skin I know.. Taylor Hair is recent group giftie of Alli&ali  and there are hair voting presents as well.. Don't forget to vote for your favourite hair style..

 My scarf by Mr. Poet, is a male design but as you can see, it can be used as unisex... colour can be changed 

 if you are a twilight fan, you will know what I am talking about... I am talking about Edward's eyes... they are 5l on marketplace... 
  Mini jacket is by KKBB design, here
  Cream Pullover knit is hunt item at aimesi, search for mushrooms and pay 10l for each of them

  Beige Skirt is by S@bbia. I had bought it during the sale... Now it is 50l... Still affordable, dont you think so?

  Neo Boots are 40l by Hoc Designs on marketplace, you can change the colour of the texture..(8 colours)

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