Friday, March 30, 2012


Dear Alice,
It is like I am in paradise... It is still like a dream... No killer vampires, no werewolves, just me and Edward... And the Esme Island
I want to thank you guys all for giving us the opportunity to spend our honeymoon on such a great place..
 Especially the house...
     Edward is preapring me breakfast every morning.. It s strange but did you know he was a fantastic  cook? J I love his delicious omlette
We watch the endless ocean that gives me the feeling of peace, especially watching Edward’S glittering skin under the sun, still captures me.. We spend so much time in the big living room where we can watch the ocean view and hear the sound of the waves... No sound but natures, we keep  staring each other no words needed and I fall asleep in Edward’s arms . When I wake up I catch him watching me and he says he misses me while I am asleep...
This island and this house is paradise and this is our dream... A dream from which  I will never ask to wake up
Big hugss
Isabella Marie Swan Cullen

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