Wednesday, March 28, 2012


SKIN&SHAPE: I am a big twilight fan, and when REDGRAVE released The new Bella Avatar pack, there was no one in sl more happier than me. She was the best and the most realistic one.. But the other part f her was missing... Edward..
Finally Emilia Redgrave gave us the good news that Edward pack was finally out... my dreams did come true.. He was standing there in front of me, just like the real one... And now they are together.. Like they will be forever...

HAIR: Bella Wedding scene inspired hair Bella is 175L for per color by ALLI&ALI

JEWELLERY SET:  The Fiona Set is NEW and my NEW favourite by Artistry by ~ E ~ 

DRESS: ColdLogic is a mesh clothing brand for women with fantastic stuff. I am wearing Owens dress in earth tone 350L @ COLDLOGIC

SHOES: Audrey Plateau 2 heels in black are splendid by REDGRAVE, each colour 550L

HOUSE: Wayan III Beach House is a fantastic place for your romantic times with airy rooms and basic furnitue sets like the bathroom and the kitchen... With security, light and windows control , Wayan III  Beach House is what you have been looking for by MAVEN HOMES  (see the item in sl or check on marketplace)

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