Friday, March 9, 2012


SKIN&SHAPE:  Hygeia is the gorgeous Upcoming Skin line by MYDEAR SKIN... Hygeia skin in tan 7 is the exclusive item for FASHION FOR LIFE EVENT which will begin on 12th of MARCH. While you are waiting for Hygeia to come, why dont you take a look at all those gorgeous skin lines by MYDEAR SKIN?

HAIR: The most fabulous hair style I have seen lately has been released by SHAG, a wonderful hair store full of Unique styled hair. Pussy Galore in bittersweet is 200L as browns pack and Ampersand color is 75L , a special offer from SHAG.. Dont miss it

EYES: Utopia Eyes are last month's group gift by IKON, not available 

DRESS: Lullaby Dress in cobalt is FREE by SECRET STORE

SHOES: Another fabulous style from REI2 FASHION, by REI2 AYA, Mele Shoes have been specially released for COLLABOR88 event for 88L

NAILS: Classic Nails Pack with fantastic color options is 199L by IZZIE'S

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