Monday, March 5, 2012


SKIN&SHAPE: Michi Skin and Shape 800L by MOTHER GOOSE'S

HAIR: Ava Wavy Side Semi UpDO is a gorgeous hair NEW for 200L for each color pack by 

JEWELLERY SET: I am wearing The Black Orlov Set's recolored version by my request from ENDRA GRAVES, the brilliant talent of ARTISTRY by ~ E ~  If you want your favourte jewelery set in another gem color, just tell Endra and she will make a special set for you for the same price

GOWN: Gina gown with vintage touch OF 1930's in velvet color  is NEW by IVALDE FOR 350L

EYESHADOW&LIPGLOSS:  Wearing the latest release Fairy Magic Eyeshadow Purple Pink for 55L and   the pink lipgloss from Tropical Memories pack for 75L by PINK ACID

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