Thursday, July 26, 2012


 SKIN: Indy Skin in pale blond , is a goddess if you ask my opinion, is NEW,1500L for per tone pack,Lipstick pack is 250L by ESSENCES, Inka Mexicola

HAIR: Gingerbread pack is the SHOP OF COLLECTION item by LOQ HAIR as TDR BLUE item

ACCESSORY: The Jordan Set also includes a necklace, is available @ HOPE FOR EMILIA FUNDRAISER EVENT and THE MAINSTORE 375L by ARTISTRY by ~ E ~ 

GOWN: Such a fabulous gown from PARIS METRO Couture, named  You are a Goddess in fuschia is UNBELIEVABLE but totally FREE as a GIFT  only available @ THE NEST Jazz Club... Dazzle the gentlemen around you with your fantastic gown while you are enjoying the music

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