Thursday, July 19, 2012


SKIN: Daph Skin summer tone is gorogeus with fantastic make up options by ITGIRLS

SHAPE:  Alexa is the NEWest, fabulous shape by Cosmopolitan Nude available on marketplace 150L

EYES: July gift by .ID., free

HAIR: FFWD is HAIR FAIR 2012 freebie by ANALOG DOG, comes as a pack totally free

HANDBAG: Little Leather Clutch color change is 50L by DUH!

DRESS: London Plum is splendid by COLDLOGIC comes as a gift for subscribers

SHOES: Linda Shoes including 12 colors are 690L by REDGRAVE HD SKINS

POSING BACKGROUND: Globes is the SERAPHIM TURNS ONE hunt prize by SSP, including amazing poses, 10L ( you are looking for a cupcake)

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