Saturday, March 12, 2011


  I like glittering like a diamond or sunshine.. Because I am a queen and Queens love all the glittering things...
And I really began to feel  that the male model I work for taking snapshots had a crush on me... And I really like it..

 SKIN&SHAPE:  I am still using electra, coz she is a real beauty by Lara Lefko, Lara Skin&Lara Shapes and the fabulous slender shape is called Lyndsay is available for 1l at Lara Skins Store At AVASTARS.. She is a gliterring beauty and you can shine like a star, if all you need is attention...  You will find all you need at Lara Lefko's Skin&Shape Heaven

EYESHADOW: bY Elegant Epiphany, you will see great eyeshadows, blushes and lipglosses. They are all affordable and some of them are almost free. If you check the group notices you will find gifts as well. And one more thing, Dont forget MM boards...

GOWN&SUIT: This gliterring gown is recent group gift By Gizza a brand offers you a wide style options. And the suit also is a group gift for men. And you can still find all the group gifts belonging to past and now.. But if you have lindens I advise you to do your shopping at Gizza. It is an amazing world and I can spend all my day there doing shopping :)

HEELS:  I am amazed again and again by Infiniti Mirihi's talent and creativity.. She is a genious and she is working so hard to satisfy her customers and I think she deserves the money she gets. I fell in love with these heels called Coy Beige.. available at mary jane's Shoes as new release..

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