Saturday, June 4, 2011


  The uninvited guest appeared at the stairs. As she was moving along, she heard the wishpers asking who she was and she noticed the jealous looks on her. Becuase She was beautiful, attractive and self-confident. It was Maggie's Birthday party and it seemed she had found the  party invitation sent by Rfb Morpork  only for the distinguished people, from somewhere...
   And she had managed to attract all the attention on her... People were talking about the mysterious lady

   SKIN: Sarah (peach 08) is the newest release by Essences, 800l for single skin and the line is 2500l. You deserve to be beautiful and Inka Mexicola is working hard for us to offer the best skins ever in sl. And she has been working miracles. Thank you Inka and Essences. Dont forget to grab this month's group gift

  FEATHER DRESS: So elegant with realistic features, Feather Leather Coctail Dress is unique and was designed for the exclusive customers of Paris Fashion, the home of Haute Couture, create your trend and be followed with the unique creat,ons of Paris Metro

  HAIR: totally different than the others. Stylish and Unique Adrianna (200l) is the newest release of ME! hair. It is pretentious isnt it? I love it and I am sure you love it too. Let me send you a taxi to Me!

   HEELS: Capricious heels named Caprice is the newest release by my favourite Shoe Store in sl, N-CORE, the single pack is 795l and more to be found at the store. Step into N-Core's Shoe Paradise and Enjoy your shopping

   POSES:  Newest release by Apple Spice, if you need sexy poses for your snapshots then you should visit Apple Spice today and get your pose pack for 250l or if you like you can have single skins for 35l 

PS. I dont know Maggie in personal but she seems to be a special person for Rfb Morpork 
Happy Birthday Maggie!!!

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