Monday, June 13, 2011


  SKIN&SHAPE: do not be fooled by her wild beauty, Emilia is a real natural beauty which is the newest release by CheerNo Femme. I used the eye make up set at the store which is 300l and has 5 eyeshadow options and used Emilia lipstick set which contains 15 lipstick options 325l and the light skin line of Emilia is 990l at CheerNo Femme's fantastic world

  COSTUME: This cute dress inspired by Madonna'S Like a Virgin Music Video is by Sacred Roses, this special costume will make you feel like you are living in 80s, which is so so cute.. I have been singing Like a virgin, from he very moment I saw the dress and it is only  35l at the store. Yayyyyy

  HAIR: Meg hair is by Alli&Ali the fat pack is 650l but you can have Meg hair in dark copper for 1l on marketplace

  POSES: Fabulous Fashion POse pack is By Apple Spice Store available for 35l as single poses and 250l as fat pack; here:

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