Monday, June 20, 2011


   SKIN: Emilia is dazzling us with her unique beauty, the newest skin line by CheerNo Femme. She comes with a natural make up but the designers of CheerNo Femme thought every detail for you. There are amazing cosmetic enhancements for the last touch of your beautiful avatar. The eyeshadows and even lipglosses are available at the store. I am wearing two of the eyeshadows I chose from the eye makeup kit which is 300l and the light skin line of Emilia is 990l at CheerNo Femme.. Once you've  arrived there, you will never want to leave..

 DRESSES: Black and white two opposite colors, one represents the evil side and the other;  the good. Like the devil and the angel inside us. Who knows when they appear! Well it is time to choose your side. House of Joi is offering you these two awesome dresses with accessories (even the head accessories) for free. If you hurry you can cahc the bus that will take you to the World'S End Garden. Ready to see the end of the world??

  HEELS: amazing heels again named Maia  ,which  take my breath away, is one of the new releases by Purrfect10 and 690l. The heels have 10 different colors at the store, each of them is looking awesome and waiting for you to make them yours.But let me warn you the shoe paradise of Purrfect 10 is turning your head from the very moment you step into the store. Dont forget to check the vip and the regular member gifts...

  HAIR: Aggy hair in sandy blonde is 300l at 69 

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