Friday, June 24, 2011


    SKIN:  A NATURAL BEAUTY called Pollon is the newest Grou gfit of Al Vulo. It is really amazing that you can have this fabulous beauty for free.The only thing you should do is to become a member of Al Vulo's magical world of skins&shapes.. A big thanks to Al Vulo for its fantastic group gifts

  SHAPE: A fabulous shape called Cupid by Mahli Shapes is only 50l. The designer of the shapes is really talented but the thing that mkes me wonder is that Why she doesnt make any new shapes? I am sure her followers as excited as I am. I hope Molly Kestrel wont keep us waiting for a long time. A big thanks to Molly for her fabulous Cupid shape and for its reasonable price

  DRESS:  Patricia Dress (249l) is so stylish and has an elegant look for casual wear. No doubt that it was created by the hands of  brilliantly talented designers of Kunglers, from the very moment you see the colors of the dress ( there are 5 colors available), you want to have them all and wear it for the next 5 days :)) you may think I am a maniac, but why dont you tp yourself to Kunglers and see if you feel the way I am or not! You will totally become a Kunglers Addcit and have you seen this months speical group gift??? F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C

 EARRINGS: Earrings are part of a fabulous jewelery set called Perola (400l)which is again a creation of Kunglers.. 
You can find  all you need from casual sets to formals.. Kunglers thinks all the details for you,  Just  use your imagination to make your combination...

  HEELS: so if you are a city chick like me, all you need is this pair of heels called Chic by N-CORE. N-CORE has a  huge variety of Shoe styles that, they all capture me from the very moment I stepped into the store.Chic in Bordeux  (595l) is my favourite color option in the collection. Hurry up to get your favourite color from Chic collection and the many other stylish collections of N-Core, designed for the exclusive customers of N-Core.

 EYES: Summer Breeze is the new  gift of Poetic Colors, totally free

 NAILS:Nail  set is by Trashy Girls In Style & Amore Dolce by T.G.I.S and 199l on marketplace thats where I bought it :))

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