Tuesday, June 7, 2011


   Well the generous summer has already arrived but showing us mercy by not distressing with scorching heat. In the afternoon you can feel the warm summer wind on your face and you surrender yourself to it

    SKIN: Beautiful Elena with tan skin in Shine make up (800l) will be your summer dream by Al Vulo. Al Vulo is my favourite skin store in second life; with millions of fantastic skins and shapes around you will turn your head and you wont be able to resist the feeling to have them all.

  DRESS: If you want to renew your closet with fabulous outfits, then you should immediately visit Kunglers, becuase their summer collcetion is out. Holly Dress in marine (299l) is one of my favourite in Kungler's summer collcetion. If you want flowing skirts and a dress with a style then this dress is perfect for you. ( Yayyy the nails come with the dress)
   And if you are worried because you need a matching accesorry, I will tell you one thing: "VISIT THE NEXT DOOR, Kungler's jewelery department and you will find this amazing set called Camelia for 400l. Arent they looking perfect together.
  And before you go, let me remind you one more thing Kunglers is giving fantastic free gifts every month for the exclusive members of Kunglers (group fee is 50l) and May gift is still on so you can have both the may and june gifts if you hurry :)

   HAIR:  Lovely hair style for summer days mid long hair called Angie in Burnt Bronze color (200l) is by Calico Inngman, the number one hair designer in sl. Visit her store today with a lot of unique and stylish hair around you and dont forget to to check this weeks sale hair styles

  HEELS: Lovely heels with vivid colors and they definitely do have a style! The newest gift of PURRFECT10 is called Serenity Ocean and I have good new coz you can have this lovely heels for free at P10. And if this is the free gift then you imagine how fantastic is the gift for VIP members...

  POSES:  Great poses for your snapshots by Purple Poses, There is  a huge variety of pose collection for Purple Poses' exclusive customers and the prices are so reasonable. So why not visiting Purple Poses today and pick your favourites?

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