Monday, June 13, 2011


 She most probably killed herself becuase of her jealousy, coz she knew she couldnt stand my beauty. I would be told by all the myths and the wars would break out because of my beauty. Hera would curse Zeus, because he couldnt take his eyes off of me and maybe she would turn him into a frog.. All would happen, because of my Stunning Beauty

This fantastic sim should be visited and voted
you are gonna love exploring it

   SKIN&SHAPE: well Ambher was blogged many times but I told you in my previous post, She became the apple of my eye from the very moment I saw her.  Wearing Ambher shape (799l) and Ambher skin number 12 (1499l) by Unique MegaStore; here is your Taxi 

  GOWN: Well Azul has a huge summer collection of Gowns all are fantastic as always and Dailey in Amethyst is one of the newest releases whşch is available in 6 diffrent colors and available for 850l for the exclusive customers of AZUL. Thank you Mami Jewel for your fantastic designs

  HAIR: Keri  Hair in sandy blonde color is available for 300l at 69 hair store

  JEWELRY SET: So The LEGEND IS BACK! Yes I am talking about ENDRA GRAVES, the owner and the designer of Artistry. Well she had some rl issues and she took a break but a few days ago I got a nc telling me that she opened her fantastic jewelery store with unique jewelery sets. And I drove to her store right away and I was captured by the beauty of her designs. Lydia set is one of them, there is also a bracelet in the set but I am not wearing it in the snapshots. The whole set is only 300l at  Artistry.
  Welcome Back Endra, we have missed you so much 

  POSES: Gowns and dress Static Poses  by AppleSpice,can bought as single poses (35l) or as a pack (250l), the choice is yours. Thank you Apple for enhancing our beauty with your unique Poses. Tp right now for Gowns Poses and more to Apple'S Paradise

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