Wednesday, June 15, 2011


   Maybe you are at work under stress, and if yo had the chance you would give the world to escape from the chaos at work... The files can still wait while you are daydreaming...
   Imagine a place in green maybe a forest you will explore, so start walking barefoot. You can feel the grass tickling your feet, you hear the waves hitting the beach from a distant and you walk with the sounds of birds and feel a warm breeze caressing your face.. And you find this pond, get into the water, why waiting....

   SHAPE: Well I made a chance today, you all know I write he skin details first; but this is different. The shape I am wearing is so realistic and Uniquely hot and designed specially for the exclusive customers of  It's Shapes by Gia Tyles. When you purchase her shapes, you will find a styling card with the tp links. And there is more.. You can have her fantastic shapes with styling cards for 350l both inworld and on marketplace and the pack includes her custom made physics. You are gonna love it! The shape I am wearing is called Skye; For Skye and more follow meto it's SHAPES BY GIA TYLES;

  SKIN: available in styling card Henna III by Mother Goose's for 1l

   DRESS:  Pretty White Dress with White headband is by KYOOT and it is 150l, I found it on marketplace but it is also available inworld store

   JEWELRY SET:  This set is not only the  most realistic jewelry set but also the most stylish one and it is the newest release by  Elemental Earth Designs. I am wearing the necklace and the earrings of Kiowa Set but the whole set includes two bracelets and one ring as well. And it is 300l at EED . If you want to have this fabulous set, take this taxi that will take you to EDD

   FEET: Second Life's most famous Shoe Store with unique styles N-CORE proudly presents; The Feet is one of N-Core's fantastic styled prdoucts and available both on marketplace and inworld store for 495l

  POSES: A big Thanks to PurplePoses for the Unique poses and for their reasonable prices. Available both couple and single poses at Purple Poses to enhance your secondlife experience

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