Wednesday, September 7, 2011


  I a summer child who enjoys the heat, the sand and sea... Well all good things come to an end and so does summer.. Well not over now but will be over soon... What my advise is to enjoy the last days of summer, coz we are gonna miss it and dream about it while we are freezing in winter... BRrrrr. dont even want to think about it... Instead I am going to water , are you coming?

SKIN: Such a rare beauty by AL VULO called Troy in green make up (800L), the pack of this uniquely  beautiful skin is 2800L, and the recent group gift is a must have dont forget to grab it as well

  HAIR: 15000th group gift of D!VA, a fabulous gift.. Thank you so much to D!VA... LEts keep becoming member to D!VA so that we can have amazing group gifts... Hihi

 ACCESSORY SET: Such a Unique,exquisite set with ethnic touches called Aradhana JEwels by ARADHANA VOIGHT, the talented owner and the designer of MASHOOKA DESIGNS. The whole set with a large collection of jewele peices is 1700L. You can buy the pieces seperately at the main store and the good news is there is a speical discount for the group members... For details tp to MASHOOKA DESGINS

you can use the pareo option if you have things to hide or maybe you dont have anything to hide!! :)

   BIKINI: I think Maya Bikini collection by MASHOOKA DESIGNS has been the best of all the swimwear collections... First of the style is great, second the colors are great and the third the price is very reasonable which is 265L

   POSES: For poses I want to thank specially the owner and the designer of Apple Spice Store  Eris, the goddess of Chaos( thats how she calls herself). The poses are mostly from Sexy poses pack which are obviously sexy, the pack is 250L and the single poses are 35L

BARE FEET: amazingly perfect bare feet with texture change options for feet fetishes by SIMILAR ITALIAN FOOTWEAR for 500L

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