Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Little Catterpillar Turned Into A Beautiful Butterfly

The same smell, the same furnitures... My childhood paradise.. everything is the same but something is different. I am not that little Catterpillar who used draw paintings with her mum, jump on her bed, write her childhood love in her diary, anymore... But I am still my Mum's precious one with the heart of an angel, my dady's little Pumpkin..

        Sometimes I come back my room and spend some time on my bed, daydreaming 
 And my Crayons are still there, so that I can draw happy family pictures

There is still a bird that is chirping in its lovely nest

    And I miss my childhood so badly, but I told you something has changed and is not the same as it was anymore...
 The little Caterpillar turned into a beautiful Butterfly

SKIN: London Picadilly Circus in milk is The new group gift by AL VULO

 HAIR: is a past group gift by ANALOG DOG HAIR

JEWELRY SET: Such a lovely set called NEFERTITI is 250L by Artistry by ~ E ~

DRESS: Amarelo MAnga's new mesh dress in white has become my popular available in lovely colors, each color is 700L and if you want the pack it is 3000L


STORY BOOK ACCESSORIES GIRLY SET: A perfect add on set for the Storybook bed girly series!
Comes with three lamps, side table dresser, birdcage, flower box, branch wall decoration and sweet cupcake coloring table.
Table includes four cupcake chairs with coloring animations, crayons and 4 coloring pages.
Each color page contains several drawings that can be changed on touch.. The set is available for 60L Weekend item at  NATAS DESIGNS FURNITURE

This elegantly adorable bed is every little girls dream!
Curtains close completely for privacy on touch. Several children animations including sleeping, reading and playing! Dont miss this lovely bed with Fantastic poses for 60L at NATAS DESIGNS FURNITURE

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