Wednesday, September 21, 2011


    The house is empty but I almost get their smell, the smell of cold ones... The tales say they are vampires.. They dont get aged, they are unbelievably fast, their skin is cold as ice... Yes I believe they vampires too... I am here to find a proof for that theory...
   But I hope they are not hungry, LORD! I DONT WANT TO BECOME THEIR MEAL

SKIN&SHAPE: Natalie skin and shape so gorgeous in different make up tones is by MYDEAR SKIN 600L for each 

   HAIR: Jesse Hair is a past group gift BY EMO-TIONS

  SHERLOCK HOLMES OUTFIT: ON THE HUNT prize by BOOF available with female and male version of the outfit, sooo lovely (shoes and other accessories included)

     If you are a TWILIGHT FAN even if you are not take a look around, roleplay, explore , meet new people in FORKS...  Every detail is thought for you.. The sim is great but
Beware of the vampires and werewolves.. They can be anywhere :))
Here is the direct tp to The Cullens house

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