Monday, September 5, 2011


 You have become a real family, when your little angel joined you. And He is just your everything and all you want is to enhance the times your spending with him... But how???
  Well we are lucky that there people who thinks everything tiny detail for you.. What you should do is to enjoy spending  the  peaceful times with your baby....

Even feeding time is a fun with a huge menu of meal options

such a great experience not only for you but for your baby and your partner...
And a mother has some things to do other than her baby

a mother needs to rest and to be spoiled with auromatic oils and she needs to learn new things about her baby and to knit a tiny sock for the little angel with MOTHER&BABY ROCKING CHAIR SET.... And you wont be alone on your rocking chair, your baby is waiting to be fed, changed diaper and  burped.....
You see? I told you that we were luck coz there are people who thinks every detail for us...
Marina Ramer&Jaylin Whitewood, the owners and Designers of APHRODITE SHOP are one of them...
They have this unique talent and power of imagination and all you are left is to enjoy your precious moments and make memories....

mother&baby rocking chair set is 899L
family babies feeding chair set is 950L
My lil Beach house is the current hunt prize of Pink&Pretty Hunt BY APHRODITE SHOP.. You have to be careful to find this amazing lil beach house

SKIN: By Inaya! Lihn skin is new release, looking fabulous

HAIR: Anastasia Hair, with hair band color option is a curly upso by Alli&Ali for 175L

DRESS: by Sugar&Spice, Pink&Pretty Hunt Prize, free

 BARE FEET: There are a lot of bare feet items in sl but you have never seen something like this soooo realistic and full of imagination..Flat Bare Feet is new release by SIMILAR ITALIAN FOOTWEAR

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