Monday, September 26, 2011


     You all know that, The mesh clothes have become so popular... And I have been trying the new mesh dresses.. But the one I am wearing in the snapshots has been the best so far... They style of the dress so awesome and it amazes me that how the mesh dress fit my body...  Thanks to MASHOOKA DESGINS talented designer ARADHANA VOIGHT. She gave us, the fashion lovers, the opportunity to wear her new classy design..

SKIN&SHAPE: Damita skin and shape are my favourites from MYDEAR SKIN, you can have single skins for 600L and the beautiful shape of Damita for 600L. The pack is 1200L

HAIR: PArade Hair in blonde color was TPH prize FOR 10L by ELIKATIRA

EYES: Anniversary celebration gift for free by UMEDAMA HOLIC

 DRESS: 1ST Mesh dress available in 3 more colors with a classy style is 300L by MASHOOKA DESGINS. There is also a demo available for you. And if you are lucky enough to be a Mashooka Designs group Member, you can get this amazing dress in red color for free... (group fee is 200L)

SHOES: Another master piece from SIMILAR ITALIAN FOOTWEAR called Pisa in light grey suede is 700L at the mainstore... Dont miss this pair of gorgeous heels with a sexy classy style...

POSES: Handbag pose pack is 250L by APPLESPICE STORE, The single poses are 35L

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