Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bon Apetité!

I am not a big fan of cooking, though most of my friends tell me that I am a good cook.. If you ask me, I prefer ordering something different every day to cooking at home.. But if I have special guests, then I wear my cook costumes and make the most delicious dishes ever.. of course If I dont burn them....Hehe...

   SKIN: London Piccadilly Circus milk is the newest group gift by AL VULO, free for group members

  SHAPE: Cupid is a great shape with mod rights by MAHLI SHAPES, only 50L on marketplace

  HAIR: Saffron in toffee from light brown pack, 250L

  KITCHEN: Memories kitchen modern and cozy with color change textures and single&couple animations will turn cooking torture into a PLEASURE.... Cook alone or with your beloved ones, or let them watch you while you are cooking.. This lovely kitchen set is only 69L and 669L By BAZAR, also available on marketplace or try the demo at the mainstore

DINING ROOM:  Memories dining room is completer of Memories Kitchen..You can serve your delicious meals even your deserts for 2 people to 6 people..I love crowded families and Memories Dining Room is waitin for you for happy family meals for 449L and only 41 prims.. (There is also a cabinet with decors, lovely curtains and floor lamp but you cant see it in the pic, you had better go and see the demo )

 BALLERINA: Meena Ballerinas which were uniquely created with lovely  for the exclusive customers of MASHOOKA DESIGNS, Meena Ballerinas in charcoal  is 295L and more are waiting for you at MASHOOKA DESIGNS Unique Fashion Paradise

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