Friday, September 23, 2011


 Hello Ladies,
I dont know if I am the only one who feels this way but whenever I go to jazz clubs or ballrooms in sl, I see the same gowns which make me feel I like I have thousands of copies everywhere... Well I needed to get rid of this.. I searched everywhere till I found this amazing gown called CHANANA with a unique style. As you all can understand from its name, it is one of the rare and precious designs by MASHOOKA DESGINS

SKIN&SHAPE: A unique precious beauty called CHOLE in pale tone , make up number 5 by MYDEAR SKIN is 600L each for the skin and shape
HAIR: Tanya in coffee is 250L by TRUTH HAIR

 JEWELERY  SET:  A wonderful set called ROYAL RAJPUT is something you can't find everywhere. It was designed with every details for the exclusive customers of MASHOOKA DESGINS for 2000L ( the collection includes a lot of pieces from head accessory to nose rings ) or for the ones who want to have their favourite pieces, they are sold seperately, the prices change from 250L to 400L and if you are lucky to be a MAshooka Designs member, there is a %10 of discount for the group members..

 GOWN: This special gown you saw on me is an exclusive item called CHANANA GOWN  available for 1299L by MASHOOKA DESIGNS. (the boa is included)

HEELS: Sexy, classy stiletto heels with a style of a confident woma. Milano Stiletto Heels are waiting for you in fantastic colors and style for 750L at SIMILAR ITALIAN FOOTWAER'S  Shoe Paradise

  POSES: Awesome poses from AUDREY GUTER by PURPLE POSES each 10L.. WOW what are you waiting for?

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