Tuesday, September 27, 2011


                          I have self-confidence. I know I am beautiful, smart and sexy....

  SKIN&SHAPE: Beautiful Natalie skin in pale tone  make up number 4 , so glamorous and sexy with her deep look. It is being sold for 600L For each skin and the unique shape of Natalie is 600L too

HAIR: A stylish hair from TRAM  as group gift, for free

JEWELERY SET:  A fabulous set for the women who has a style is called Moon Flower Pearl set is 275L by ADDICTION 

DRESS: This Fabulous dress I am wearing in teal called Shimmy (250L) and the other colors of Shimmy are the newest release by ICING. If you like vintage style with the mixture of whats modern, then ICING is what you are looking for. Fabulous clothes with a unique style will hypnotise you... And the prices are soooo reasonable.. Yayyyy!!

POSES: Lovely poses, espeically the ground poses are from the new pack called PATRICIA by PURPLE POSES. The pack is 90L, single poses are 10L

SHOES: Pisa shoes so classy and sexy will  complete your classy look! Now you look perfect.. Your Pisa Shoes availbale in different colors, are available for 700L at SIMILAR ITALIAN FOOTWEAR

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