Friday, September 2, 2011


SKIN: Troy in black (800L)  is as beautiful as Helen of Troy.. A mysterious beauty by AL VULO...
Dont forget to grab the fabulous group gift London....

     HAIR: is by Bliss, hunt item for free at the store (at outlet department)

    JEWELRY: Another  elegant set called The Sun by Artistry, ( not wearing the necklace in the snapshots) is 250L

  OUTFIT:  Pamela black, is Low'S Designer Spotlight Giftie for 1L at Lillou's Designs (the head piece is included)...  Yaaayyy!! there is a lovely group gift as well...

  BOOTS:  Classy boots with color change options will be this week's group offer item for the exclusive group members of SIMILAR ITALIAN FOOTWEAR. The regular price is 750L but for two days (saturday The 4Th and Sunday the 5th) the boots are being sold for 400L... Dont miss this chance coz it comes once in a lifetime and the lovely belt I am wearing is the gift of the boots, which means you get colorful boots and colorful belts... Amazing isnt it?

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