Wednesday, September 28, 2011


SKIN&SHAPE: Natalie skin in pale tone make up number 1 is 600L, the fatpack is 1200L and the gorgeous shape of Natalie is 600L

HAIR: Marta is 30L promo item at Angel Hair

GOWN: Twilight Gown in black, reminds me of Twilight Movie: so mysterious and charming, has been released recently available in different color and skirt options just took my breath away. The price of this amazing gown is 499L by SASCHA DESIGNS , thank you Sascha for your fantastic designs

   SHOES: a sexy gown can only be matched with a pair of sexy, classy shoes which are the new release of SIMILAR ITALIAN FOOTWEAR. Pisa shoes available in lovely colors are 700L

  POSES: a big thanks to APPLE SPICE STORE for the amazing modelling pack called GOWNS/DRESSES static poses. The pack itself is 250L and the single poses are 35L so that you can make your own best pose pack :))

    The Photos were taken at LA PUSH Quileute Reservation, if you havent visited the TWILIGHT BREAKING DAWN sim yet, Now it is time.. Welcome to the world of  Vampires and WereWolves

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Chalice Carling

Stunning pics and the capture of the shoes...WOW. Amazing.

Destiny Mollari



I visit Twilight at least twice a week--thanks for posting on the dress, etc. The sim traffic will probably pick up once Part I of BD is released. A lot of fans are teens and college age and working at a university, I can vouch that the students are kept pretty busy right now and might not have much time for SL. Me, SL gives me a break from RL Kate Denali(thomasine.guisse)

Destiny Mollari

Thank you Kate, I am so glad to hear that someone feels the way I feel. And yes you may be right about the sim traffic. Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope that more people come to visit TWILIGHT...

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