Sunday, September 25, 2011

       Strange but today, the sun showed her shy face in Forks... No grey Clouds in the sky, instead we Forks residents feeling the sun on our faces...  And everything seems to be fine, The Cullens have probably gone hiking.. And now that today is Thursday, i can go to Carver Coffee as I do on every Thursday to eat my garden burger...
   "HEY GUYS! Glad to see you here, you wanna join me?"


   SKIN&SHAPE: Beautiful Damita in pale tone make up number 1 is 600L and its fabulous shape with mod rights is 600L, the pack is 1200L by MYDEAR SKIN

 HAIR: Tammi Hair is a lovely new release by ALLI&ALI DESGINS for 175L, there is a promo on Tammi Hair black color, its for free on amrketplace

OUTFIT: Such a lovely outfit for your casual days called CASUAL DAY by GRAFFITIWEAR for 125L ( the flats and the neckerchief included)

ACCESSORY SET: Watersprial set, such a lovely set, one of the exclusive items by EED for jewelery hair for 150L

POSES: GAbrielle pose pack, another lovely modelling set by PURPLE POSES, 90L for the whole pack and 10L for the single ones

       PS: If you want to join us at Carver Cafe at Forks, here is your taxi to FORKS. Hurry up I have already ordered my Garden Burger

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