Thursday, September 22, 2011


     You all know the new movie TWILIGHT  Breaking Dawn Part 1 is on the way... And Edward is supposed to marry Bella Swan in the movie... But no I cant let this happen Edward.. I am the one who loves you.. Cant you see I am your DESTINY...  Destiny Mollari... LoooooLL

SKIN&SHAPE: Sooo beautiful is Chole tan in make up 6 (600L)with her unique shape(600L) completing her and making her a pure, magical bride by MYDEAR SKIN 

 HAIR: A fabulous hair by CALICO INNGMAN, the right choice for a bride's hair Monique comes with lilies (I am not wearing them at the snapshots) for 200L

  EYES: Anniversary celebration gift eyes by UMEDAMA HOLIC

WEDDING DRESS: Well its every girls dream to wear her wedding gown.. But it is supposed to be the best and of course the price must be reasonable... If thats what you are looking for ( to be best to pay the lowest) here is an offer for 1 week BY VASSNIA, paparazzi wedding gown will be sold for 90L for one week, also available on marketplace ( the shoes and the weil included not the bouquet)

JEWELERY SET: Esther set with the mixture of pearls and diamonds is what a bride need to wear... Esther is jeweler fair exclusive by  Artistry by ~ E ~  for 150L

 POSES: Isabella is one of the newest pose packs by PURPLE POSES for 90L and the single poses are 10L, You can also find the fantastic couple wedding poses for 69L

The snapshots were taken on FORKS sim at the gazebo where Bella and Edward danced in the last part of the first movie TWILIGHT.. A big thanks to Isabella Dawlish for giving us Twilight Lovers to explore and have  Twilight Experience in sl 

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