Thursday, September 8, 2011


       I have always wanted to have a beach house with a dream of opening my eyes with the sounds of the waves...
Such a refreshing dream  isnt it? Imagine you are having your breakfast at your porch by the sea, inhaling  the fresh air to your lungs.... What about a walk by the beach after the late breakfast, Barefoot...
   Ria BAzar, the owner and the designer of BAZAR has made my dreams come true and I am sure  there are a lot of people who is sharing the same dream with me
   A few days ago, she released a New Version of WHITE BEACH COTTAGE (which had been the best seller item on marketplace for a long time). Well the New Version is bigger with airy rooms with sunbeam options, security&light options made me feel in love with the house from the very moment I saw it on marketplace... My next move was to run to the store see the item in sl and of course buy it... I hope you like it as much as I do.. WHITE BEACH COTTAGE (1699L)  IS MY DREAM CAME TRUE, Thank you Ria BAZAR..

   The house also comes with decorative items like Palm Trees, Grasses, Rocks and Fence.. YAyyyy!

  I am sure you are all excited about the house and you want to see the inside... You are gonna love it coz the house is sooo huge, and its quality is out of discussion..

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Christian Traughber

An island getaway, huh? That's just perfect. It's also my dream to have a small beach house on an isolated island in the Pacific. That would be overly cool. If that's not possible, then I'd settle for an island in Dubai, hehe.

Rodney Orton

What a magnificent dream home! You're right about the fact that many people share the same dream house as you do. I certainly do! If I did have this house, I'd hang out on the roof and enjoy the sunset.

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