Friday, September 9, 2011


SKIN: A brand new beauty was born from the imagination of Eris, the talented designer and the owner of Apple Spice Store. Charlotte is the new skin line I am wearing Fair tone make up number 3 which is 700L.. Charlotte is such a beauty that you shouldnt miss... 

HAIR: Alison in dune is 250L BY TRUTH HAIR

JEWELERY SET:  A breathtaking set called The NOOR (500L), by ARTISTRY waiting for you as the rest of the unique sets by Endra GRAVES

GOWN: We had all missed AZUL, I am sure you were all following the news from AZUL which had been renewing for a while... Now its over and The LEGEND is back again with its classy unique creations... The good news is that the new colors of our favourites were added as limited. Today I am wearing J.e.Limited 2011 which is 800L

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