Wednesday, September 21, 2011


SKIN&SHAPE:  Chole in pale tone make up number 3 is a  glamorous beauty with its shape by MYDEAR SKIN. Both available for 600L

 HAIR: by Bliss Couture hair, a past hunt gift of last year, the hair releases are also available on marketplace for 250L

 GOWN:  A glamorous sexy gown called C'EST UNIQUE is a must have ladies,the color is this years favourite color, the style of the gown,which is out of question, is unique by VASSNIA.. The Price is 500L, also available on marketplace

 JEWELRY SET: Another fabulous set exclusive for JEWELERY FAIR by Endra Graves, the brilliant talentand the creator of Artistry by ~ E ~ . You wont believe but during the fair, this gorgeous set Sydney is only 150L

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