Friday, September 9, 2011



  Paparazzi caught Destiny Mollari, who is one of the most famous bloggers in second life while shopping... She was wearing her earphones so she pretended like she didnt realise the cameras but she couldnt help posing which is her habit... While getting off her new sports car, She said she would meet her firends after shooping and they would discuss new trends in sl while having coffee.. For her private life, She said her heart was still empty and she was happy with being single in sl

Destiny is wearing:

NOT BUTTON'S SKINS: Cutie the new release by Not Button's Skins is so cute with the dimples. Destiny is wearing make up number 6 which is 99L because of the closing sale.. Dont forget to grab the freebie skins as well
CURVY SILHOUETTES SHAPES: A fabulous shape called Sally was given as a limited group gift by Curvy Silhouettes Shapes.. The store is full of awesome shapes and if you are one of those who thinks- a skin is nothing without a unique shape, then you are looking for Curvy Silhouettes Shapes. And dont worry if you missed Sally asa group gift coz you can find it at the store in new arrivals for 499L

 BERRIES INC: Destiny wearing Sabrina hair by BERRIES INC, where everything is 50L because there is a huge sale

 POISED NEW RELEASE OUTFIT: TWEEDS is the name of the new collection of 2011 Haute Couture by Poised, There are 5 colors in the colleciton and Destiny's choice is Black (150L)

 REI2 FASHION: Pumps called Mana by Rei2 Fashion which were released a month ago are 149L for such a reasonable price

APPLE SPICE STORE: HAndbag poses pack is 250L and the signles are 35L by Apple Spice Store

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