Saturday, September 24, 2011


    You all wonder what SIF is? SIMILAR ITALIAN FOOTWEAR....
    Yaaay ladies, you have all heard right.. Similar Italian Footwear has new releases, all gorgeous, classy and UNIQUE.. Take a look

They are more than I could tell, aren't they?? Well, when you tp to the mainstore of SIMILAR ITALIAN FOOTWEAR, you will be surprised to see the fantastic color options of the shoes called Livorno. I am wearing Livorno shoes Tan Suede for 700L. You will be amazed by the shoes and want to get them all but there are 2 more new releases.. So be careful while spending your lindens :P

A beautiful skin called CHOLE and its perfect shape which are 600L for each, are by MYDEAR SKIN, where you will find what you have been looking for to be so perfect. The fatpack of the skin is so reasonable for a price of 1200L. yayyy!

Such a lovely hair by TRUTH called Odette, 250L

 You are a fan of ethnic style?? Well MASHOOKA DESIGNS  is making the perfect combinations of  what's modern and ethnic... You are wondering the result? It s the fantastic top called Harsha in green for 125L, also available on marketplace with different color options

My classy Chinos Pants in brown which is so stylish is by INDIE ROSE which is a store full of fabulous things for the ones who have a personal style and who likes creating her own style.. Chinos Pants in brown also available in different colors is 180L also on marketplace

Greenleaves accessory set is the exclusive item for JEWELRY FAIR for 125L by EED. Sirena made fantastic jewelery sets based on nature theme, they are all awesome and they wont be available at the mainstore till the fair is over.. here is your tp to EED at JEWELERY FAIR

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