Monday, September 26, 2011


           My parents' 34th Anniversary Party!! The house is full of Guests who keep complimenting each other and  laughing loudly... And I am, the owner of the house trying wear that fake smile on my face, walkng around people asking how they are... Such a stupid position.. My parents have been married more than 30 years and their one and only daughter who is considered a real beauty and close to her Thirties, isnt married yet....
   And Destiny Runsss.. I am great the pool is empty.. And the champaigne is great! They can look for me everywhere. I will drink my expensive champaigne and will toast to my destiny!!!
  OOOPPPSSS, another vctim like me who escaped the crowd and he (looking so charming with that smile) is saying "CHEERS TO YOUR GLAMOROUS BEAUTY"
    Destiny whispers, my head has already started turning... winks...

SKIN: London Picadilly  Circus in milk, a gorgeous beauty, unbelievable but gven for free to the exclusive group members of AL VULO for free

 HAIR: Jess Hair in blonde is by RASPBERRY ARISTOCRAT

 EYES: Crystal eyes in blue is anniversary celebration gift by UH for FREE

 JEWELERY SET: A fabulous set called Nefertiti is 250L Artistry by ~ E ~

 DRESS: Such a gorgeous mesh dress Luana Barzane Akinna,BY AMARELO MANGA. This sexy class dress, available in 5 fantastic colors (each for 700L and the pack 3000L) is the first mesh dress of Luana Barzane Akina... If this is the first dress, I cant imagine how fabulous the next will be... A big thanks to Amarelo Manga and of course Luana Barzane Akina

 SHOES: Unique, Classy, Sexy.. Thats what a woman needs.. A pair of Pisa Shoes (700L)  which were released  on Saturday by SIMILAR ITALIAN FOOTWEAR... Such gorgeous shoes that will take your breath away...

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