Wednesday, July 6, 2011


 how about running away from the crowd of the city life and spend some time in the nature, finding the solitude in it...

  SKIN:  Ladies, please let me introduce the newest pure beauty of Al Vulo, Miha.She has the purest beauty thats what makes her indispensable.  Miha in Peacock 2 Make up line 800l and the pack is 2800l. I suggest you to buy the whole pack, coz once you wear Miha, you will want it all... A big thanks to Hlin Bluebird for her fantastic designs and genorous group gifts.

 DRESS: This beautiful dress with a flower pattern ,which has an overall version, is the new release by Iren, they are sold as snigles for 99l and the fatpack is 250l. Check the other fabulous designs by Iren. 
  ACCESSORY: Beautiful ring with earrings ( I know you cant see them in the pics but you can have an idea if you look at te fabulous ring on my hand) is  new Mashooka. If you havent seen the jewelry department of Mashooka, then you should do visit it today, coz Jewelry department is as pretentious as the rest of Mashooka Designs. A big thanks to Aradhana Voight for her fabulous designs
  HAIR: is subscribo gift by Lamb, awesome ; D

  ESPADRILLES: These gorgeous espadrilles in peach are Gos' Truth District gift for the group members. explore the sim today and grab the gorgeous gifts like this one.. Espadrilles are so Gorgeous.. Thank you Gos

  POSES: Gorgeous poses by PURPLE POSES, Havent you visited the new location of Purple Poses, yet?

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