Tuesday, July 5, 2011


    Al Vulo and Severed Garden has made something incredible for us to enjoy the times we spend on the beach.. It is such a fun to see that they thought every tiny details for us. The avatar is beautiful, the bikini she is wearing fantastic and the accesorries are just great...
   What we should do is to have fun..
Are you coming?

hmmm a shower is great after spending time
in the sea

And swimming always make me feel hungry..
Sea fish is just yummmyyy! :)

   Well the experience was fantastic. Everything you see is included in package in Tania Full Avatar (even the hair, eyelashes, bracelets, backpack) and the full pack is only 2300l and still available at Al Vulo main store...
  Did you see the sand tatoos on my body? Tania is a summer wonder... Thank you to AL Vulo and Severed Garden

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