Saturday, July 30, 2011


    So Ladies,  Today here I am to announce you the newest releases by Second Life's famous brands...

TOP:  A Unique Style again no doubt ny Mashooka Designs.. You all know that Aradhana Voight has released her New Collection L'été and Raga Tunic (265l) which has several color options is another piece from this unique collection. I am wearing raga Tunic Flower Magenta and capri pants which is to be released very soon in the snapshots  and if you want to see the item inworld, here is your lm.
PS. With a fee of 200l, you can have the opportunity to have Aradhana Voight's fantastic designs as a gift.

 HAIR with HAT:  is the newest release by Emo-Tions 245l ( the hat has color change option), amazing

 FOOTWEAR: by S@bbia, group gift number 25, free if you wear your group tag

POSES: By Isis Boutique, Glamour Dolls Pose pack including 5 poses 60l

SKIN: bY Laq, Olivia 990l

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Aradhana Voight

Lovely post Destiny, very nice color pick! :)

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