Saturday, July 2, 2011


     This wonderful gown which is a magical mixture of blacks and reds is the new release by Azul. This sophisticated gown with an elegant look is available in other color options as well waiting for you at Azul'S main Store in new arrivals department.

    Let me introduce you this elegant lady, who turns the heads of all men as she passes them by. She is Artemis one of the Unique Beauty freshly released by Unique Megastore. Artemis in make up number 8 is 1499l and the shape is sold seperately which is 799l. Discover the beauty world of Unique Megastore, because they know what we need

 Camelia Jewelery set ,which is so elegant and was delicately designed for the exclusive customers of Crystal Line, by Rena Vita 600l and the pack includes two bracelets, two necklaces and earrings. Absolutely fabulous, a should have for special occasions!

  Updo is by Amacci Hair available  other color options as well, but you have to purchase the hair bases as well becuase the pack doesnt include the bases

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