Wednesday, July 20, 2011


    Take a look at the snapshots, you will exactly feel the same! BOLLYWOOD TIME, so wear your Saree!s ladies, we are gonna show them how to dance!

Amazing scenes, right? it was like we were in a Bollywood Movie

  SKIN&SHAPE: a tan beauty called Pollon is  one of the Al Vulo Family's newest members... She is so beautiful with diffrent make up options. I amwearing the peacock make up which is 800l and the full pack is 2800l. If you want my fabulous model shape /( I hope you all know that AL Vulo'S shapes are not mod. ) which has 3 options, small, tall and model, it is 350l.
  Have you grabbed the new group gift of Al Vulo Yet?

  OUTFIT: a magical fabric turned into a fabulous Saree  called Arpita with a unique style made by Aradhana Voight,  Second Life's unique fashion creator available in different colors is 650l at MAshooka Desings' Indian style section

 HAIR: is Hair fair special by CIC, now available at MainStore and this fabulous hair with hair attachment is only 200l

JEWELERY SET: We are really lucky that Mashooka Designs' is offering us the bets Indian Styled jeweleries in sl. I am wearing the Royal Rajput set, which has a group discount at the moent if you wear your tag. The total set is 2000l but if you like you can buy them seperately... A big thank to Aradhana Voight and Mashooka Designs

  FEET:so if you enjoy walking bare foot like me, then I should suggest you the best feet in sl made by Nuria Aguapfel the owner and designer of N-CORE (495l). Have the fun of walking barefoot in sl with N-CORE

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