Friday, July 8, 2011


   Being a top model can be funny  but most of the time it is challenging. Catalogue shots begining from the very early morning till the sunset and trying to give what the photgrapher ask of you, repeating the poses over and over again.. And of course you are hungry through these times, you are not allowed to eat. A torture, right??
  But when you see the snapshots, you say WOWWW, is it me??? that ugly duckling turned into something gorgeous??


  SKIN: Beautiful Miha is the newest release by Al Vulo, I am wearing the pink make up line with cleavage option. The single make up lines are 800l and the fat pack is 2800l. The eyes and the bracelet as well as the sand tatoo on my body is by Al Vulo but belongs to another Skin called Tania and it is being sold as a full avatar, available at the store.

  BIKINI: Maya Bikini (265l) is the best I have seen so far in sl, amazing style with realistic textures by Mashooka Designs available in 4 different color options waiting for you at Mashooka Designs where you will find the unique fashion trends ( MAshooka Designs also available on marketplace )

   HAIR: Amazing hair one of the best in sl is by Truth Hair, a big thanks to Truth Hawks the owner and the designer of Truth hair. I am wearing the brown pack of Teshan but Reds are lookng great too. 

  FEET: I am wearing Second life's best made FEET (495l) with the most realistic look by SL's number one Shoe Store N-Core by Nuria Augapfel. I checked N-core store on marketplace as well and The feet seems to be one of the best selling items in sl. Thank you Nuria for making all these unique styles for our feet :))

  POSES: BY Purple Poses, I dont know what we would do, if Audrey's poses werent available! Thank you Audrey for giving us the opportunity to enhance our sl experience, you add color in our black&white lives.

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