Saturday, July 9, 2011


   Such a lovely day outside, a great time to spend some time feeding the animals on Mashooka Island.

  SKIN: Another beauty called Miha from the huge skin collection of Al Vulo. This great skin with dark eyeshadow is being sold for 800l and if you want her all, the it will cost you 2800l with which i can assure you that you will be satisfied and ask for more...

 OUTFIT: Doll and Jeanshorts is looking great on me and surely will look great on you too. If you want to have this lovely outfit for such a reasonable price (79l) by TrendStyle, take the next bus and you will be there soon.

  BOOTS:  These cutie boots called Fruit Booties are the lucky board item at  Le Poppycock, absolutely is worth waiting for...

  HAIR: 50l Friday item called Essentials, Falling by Elikatira

 ACCESSORIES: Anchors Away Accesory set is so lovely and it is being sold for 55l at EED (Elemental Earth Designs) and if you like you can have the lovely necklace of the set for 45l. For the Anchors Away accessory set and more, here is your taxi to EED

 BASKET : This lovely store called IZM has awesome things inside, this basket s a group gift and there is a cute dollarbie jacket..

The snapshots were taken on Mashooka Island, a lovely place to relax and while you are chilling why not take a look inside Mashooka Designs?

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