Friday, July 15, 2011


   Well you all know that I am trying hard to leave all the bad memories behind and open a new page. A close friend of mine called me yesterday and told me that it was high time I went out and did something. She told me that One of her friends had an empty beach house which  was for  rent and since noone had rented, it was a good idea to get together all the folks and have a beach house party...
 To be honest I wasnt eager, it was better to stay at home and live with the pas with the tears in my eyes...
   But she kept insisting and I found no excuse for that time and had to say Yes....
 Well we can say that I have lost weight recently and I am in good shape, I put on my make up, brushed my hair and of course didnt forget to put a false smile... AND I had no idea that I was the part of a complot theory

"i am tense" "no, not tense c'mon Des"
OK, Ready to go in?

"but why is it so quite?"

... and I went upstairs
still noone
till i realise
someone on the terrace

Omg, I realised that
there would  be noone
but me&him
"I am the victim of a complot
and is it a blind date?"
I will be honest; he is cool, funny and handsome

and the conversation went on,
it was like we knoew each other for centuries

Are we really flirting?
After some beer and watching the sunset

wow this is really us, who are dancing barefoot on the



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So stay Tuned..

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